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Острава,  Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 412D  № 7903  —  маршрут 90

Ulice K Planetáriu

M-B Sprinter on the new route 90 near Planetarium of Ostrava. Actually DPO has only two operating types of minibuses — Fiat and Sprinter. 7903 is made in trip version, so it is the smallest bus of DPO. It is so small that it has the red BUSE BS (otherwise used inside vehicles) instead of bigger 4 and 5-segment yellow or orange BUSEs. There is not enough space for the red BUSE inside so the 7903 has only audio reporting. It was first time I went by this bus I felt like I am going by marshutka. :D

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Вид ТС:Автобус